Strategic Partners

Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Law. IPOS advises and administers the Intellectual Property (IP) regime, promotes its usage and builds expertise to facilitate the development of Singapore’s IP ecosystem. With IP fast becoming a critical asset in today’s global markets, IPOS aims to be a trusted partner to empower all creators in our knowledge economy. IPOS’ vision is for Singapore to be an IP Hub of Asia.

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IP Academy

IP Academy Singapore is the education and training arm of IPOS. IP Academy aims to be a leading centre for excellence in IP education, and its mission is to grow a vibrant network of skilled IP professionals and users through quality education. IP Academy’s range of programmes, high-level conferences and roundtables seeks to deepen and broaden Singapore’s knowledge and capabilities in IP protection, management, and value creation. This supports the building of a vibrant and robust IP-enabled ecosystem that fosters innovation and creativity, for Singapore’s future growth.

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IPOS International

IPOS International (IPOS-I) is the international marketing arm of IPOS. IPOS-I aims to internationalise Singapore’s IP services so as to help realise Singapore’s vision to be an IP hub of Asia. Working with partners in both public and private sectors, IPOS-I delivers world class patent search and examination services and expedited patent prosecution in over 30 markets including ASEAN. IPOS-I is also an International Searching Authority under the Patent Cooperation Treaty for companies in Singapore and a number of other countries including Japan and the United States.

IP ValueLab

IP ValueLab is the enterprise engagement arm of IPOS. IP ValueLab aims to help businesses unlock the value of their IP so as to help realise Singapore’s vision to be an IP hub of Asia. Collaborating with global and local business partners, it provides businesses with a suite of solutions in IP management, valuation and monetisation. Some of its initiatives include the IP Financing Scheme, and promoting best practices in IP management and valuation.